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  •  3 weeks ago

I was on the fence about the copper IUD for a long time while using the hormonal implant in my upper arm and I wish I had changed to the copper coil sooner. While on hormonal contraception I was getting a UTI or thrush nearly every time after sex, it was driving me mad. Felt dry and scratchy during sex and just generally felt a bit bleh about sex, life, and felt down a lot of the time, crying and stressing over small things. I made the change to the non hormonal copper IUD in January 2023 and within days felt like a weight had been lifted off. I feel more in control now, mentally clearer and less like I might break into tears for no real reason. Not one issue since with UTI or thrush and I have regular monthly periods, feel stronger in the gym and generally have more energy and happy moods. My periods are not really any heavier, do last a bit longer and cramps start maybe on and off a week before period arrives, but they are not particulary painful, and only the odd time need an over the counter painkiller. I will say the insertion was much more painful than I thought it was going to prepared with some strong painkillers and time to rest for a least 20mins before you drive home. Overall totally worth it, life without messing with my hormones is so much better. If you are on the fence go for it, it can always be removed if its not for you.

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