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3. Mai 22

I was on the copper IUD for 4 years. The insertion was a bit uncomfortable but bearable with pain killers taken beforehand. I was told to expect the longer, heavier and more painful periods but that they should settle down after a few months. This was not the case for me as for the 4 years I had it, I continued having longer periods lasting around 8-10 days with heavier bleeding on days 3-5 and lighter before and after. This affected my sex life as I was on my period for almost half of the month. I also experienced more painful periods which meant I had to take painkillers to help ease the pain (abdominal, pelvic and back pains). The heaviness of the periods on the heavy bleeding days meant I was changing pads and tampons quite often and I used to see big clots coming out on those days. I don't know if others have experienced this but I would also get very constipated during my period. Now, after 4 years I finally got it removed and my periods are back to normal! Now I get pain-free periods that last for only 4 days, which was my baseline before having the copper IUD inserted. I'd also like to mention that I get tender breasts on the days leading up to my period now, so I guess the copper IUD helped with that as I didn't experience this for 4 years. Overall, it is a good contraceptive option as it's hassle free and you just forget about it. However, it made me dread having my period each month. I'm happy to be back to normal without it now. I'm due to have the hormonal IUS inserted next month, which I'm hoping would be a better alternative for me.