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20 years old
15. Aug. 22

I have been on this IUD for about 8 Months. I absolutely loved my experience. The only thing in my case, is that I wanted to get rid of my period completely and since my previous didn’t want to give me the Mirena, I had this one instead. I will still change to Mirena at the end of this month, simply because I really don’t want to bother with having a period anymore but I would still absolutely recommend Jaydess to everyone. Obviously everyone reacts differently to hormones and I would always recommend to try out for yourself. I still think that IUDs in general are the best form of birth control. On Jaydess, my period got super light still about 9 days long (just like my usual period). I had cramping from time to time but nothing too dramatic. My sex drive went through the roof which can be annoying sometimes. My acne may have cleared up a bit. Other than that I felt nothing different.