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26 years old
4. Apr. 22

I had the mirena coil fitted on the 10th of March after being on the combined pill for nearly 10 years (from the age of 16). I’ve struggled with my mental health particularly over the last 3 years and suffered a low sex drive since I was about 20. After getting some support I decided it was time to try a new contraceptive and see if that would improve things. I was genuinely terrified to have something so invasive (I don’t even use tampons) but the nurses were absolutely brilliant and talked me through the procedure, how I’d feel after etc and really made me feel at ease. I personally find the speculum really uncomfortable in any situation and I wouldn’t say any other part of the procedure was more painful/uncomfortable than that. It lasted maybe 3 minutes max where they measured me and then fitted the coil. The cramps after we’re definitely the worst part, about 45 minutes after having it fitted my body clearly wanted it out and I’ve never felt cramps like it. I got home and straight onto ibuprofen and hot water bottles. It was an uncomfortable 48 hours but after that it was totally fine. I waited a couple of days before going back to the gym and took it easy to start with just because my muscles in that general area were tired and aching from the cramps. I spotted for the first couple days then had my period for about 10 days but it was really light. My mood has definitely improved, I’m sleeping a lot better and touch wood (pardon the pun) I think my sex drive is starting to improve too. Really glad I used this site to learn more about the coil and go for it, I won’t be looking back!