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25. Mai 22

I probably haven’t been on it long enough to be able to say with full confidence that it’s definitely working for me, however compared to other hormonal contraceptives I’ve used it’s definitely pretty good. I’ve been taking it back to back with no pill break as the main reason for going on it was heavy/painful periods. The periods have of course stopped but there’s been a lot of spotting - tmi but it’s not really blood that I’m spotting and more dark discharge but it’s annoying nonetheless. I haven’t noticed a change to my sex drive but I have had more sex with my partner recently since not having to rely on condoms is a massive weight off both our minds - having said that the spotting does stop me from wanting to have sex sometimes. My boobs have gotten bigger, which to be honest for me is a win although they’re super sore. I’ve been getting pretty gnarly headaches/migraines but again I’m not 100% these are down to the pill as they seem to be triggered by a hangover and then progress into a migraine. They have increased since taking the pill, though. The last thing is my mood is quite erratic at the minute. Again, I can’t say fully that this is due to the pill as my moods beforehand were a bit all over the place as well thanks to PMS. Overall I’m happy with it so far and will continue to take it unless any side effects get worse.