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28 years old
12. Feb. 22

I was moved onto this pill as my doctor said I should try it instead of the combined pill. It was fine for about a week, then the hell began. My otherwise flawless skin turned into a spotty lumpy mess. I had new painful spots round my jawline every day despite using scrubs twice daily. I had never had acne before in my life. It knocked my self confidence so much I didn’t even want to go to work. Nothing I did would make the spots go away, i’d clean by face constantly and didn’t wear make up but to no avail. Then the next thing happened, I put on about 5lbs in the space of two weeks. To clarify to you, I am a size 6/8 healthy eating 27 year old who runs 7-10km every other day as standard for years. I have never put on weight and nothing else changed in my life sxcept the pill to cause this weight gain. They say it can be water weight which ‘goes away’ but after 2 months I was still gaining weight and it was clearly round my tummy I looked bloated. I even had a thyroid function test which came back fine. Within a week of coming off this pill and continuing my lifesryle of running etc the weight had come back off. Proving this was solely down to the pill. The next thing, I lost all sex drive. I went from a 27 year old woman in a healthy relationship having sex every day before the pill to not being interested. I initially put this down to the spots and bloating making me feel unattractive but when I did have sex, I was unable to orgasm, having no trouble ever being able to do this. When I could finally orgasm, it was flat and not the same as before. Other issues came along afterwards including, waking up in the night, needing to urinate more, feeling generally depressed with no real reason why, head hair thinning, loss and hair extremely greasy with no change to hair routine, no periods but breakthrough bleedinv at random inconvenient times having to rush to the toilet at work, muscles felt weak and always feeling tired. I am not over exaggerating any of ghe above and do appreciate everyone is different so this pill could well work for you. But personally it ryined my life for 2 months, I really tried with it but suffice to say I had to come off it for my mental and physical health. I’m now a month off it and back on my combined pill and feel a new person again. I would always recommend people try it if they geg on with progesterone only produvts as the up side is your periods could well stop like mine and I didnt get headaches on this pill so it would be good for you if you get these.

Lowdown user
28 years old
29. Jan. 22

I was on Rigevidon for over 3 years continuously up until a month ago. I loved everything about this pill except one side effect - thrush! I lost 5 stone before going on the pill and managed to maintain at my lighter weight and ever lose some more while on this pill. It never made me put on weight with a balanced diet. I took packets back to back for months at a time with no breakthrough bleeding and therefore no periods. I had more get up and go, I never had period cramps, I forgot I could get periods altogether. My sex life was amazing as no periods. Boobs were never sore. Excess hair growth on body was less and head hair in nice condition. I never got spots, had such clear skin I didnt need to wear foundation and could wear make up with no blemishes. I went to the doctor as I had a couple of bad headaches after having covid jab and she panicked and told me it could be the pill and took me off. I’ve never been so devestated and would have stayed on this pill forever. The thrush was not nice but was only every few months and I managed it with medication. If you dont want periods or want light ones which are very regular, clear skin and control of weight this is a good pill.