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  •  2 weeks ago

I have been searching for this pill for my whole life! I’ve tried rigevedon, microgynon, marvelon which all gave me a decreased sex drive, contestant thrush, painful periods ect. This pill within a week my skin was crystal clear. I recommend this pill for anyone with acne, pair it with cera ve cleanser! Game changer. I noticed with this pill I had no dryness down there, it was the complete opposite. My sex drive was incredible. No mood swings no pains, no weight changes. I like this pill, it gives you different mg doses of estrogen where it slowly feeds back into your body at a regulated level. With other pills you go straight back onto the same high dose of estrogen which is the reason why these side effects are worse. This eases you back into the pill which in turn reduces your side effects. I have had no negative side effects whatsoever. It can be difficult to have the prescription for this on the NHS, I have had 4/5 years being prescribed the cheap medication pills. I was very emotional when I went to my appointment because of the way the implant I had made me feel, I think the nurse was genuinely concerned for me and wanted to help. By no means am I saying this is what you should do! Qlaria is a modern type of pill which costs around £40/£60 per 3 months (pack). The only bad thing I would say about this pill is you can’t take it back to back because of the placebo pills in it. But I do prefer this you can track your cycle to the very end without thinking back on when you finished the last pack.

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