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Lizinna pill


Lowdown user
23 years old
3 weeks ago

I started this pill after coming off Yasmin, i had a horrible time with yasmin so i was nervous. But this pill was amazing. My moods were fairly stable, my skin got better my weight regulated. I initially had some mild side effects but they stopped after a few months. I was on this pill from 15-22 and i never had any problems. I have recently had to change to a mini pill as I can’t take pills with oestrogen in any more, i was annoyed to come off Lizinna because it worked so well for me. I would definitely recommend it

Lowdown user
23 years old
3 weeks ago

I started the Yasmin pill when i was about 13/14 and I came off it about 6 months after starting it. I had absolutely awful side effects. It made me gain a lot of weight, my skin was awful and it completely changed my mood. I was suicidal and depressed and had mood swings. It made my blood pressure rise too. I also just generally felt unwell most of the time. After coming off the pill i felt 100 times better and ended up loosing all of the weight i had put on. This won’t necessarily be your experience as everyone is totally different but this is the worst pill I’ve been on, and I’ve been on a few!