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25 years old
15. Feb. 22

I took it as it was easier to get than cerelle but my skin got really oily and spotty and I had light for 3 weeks straight the third month I was on it and it wasn’t red it was mostly brown blood like at the end of a period except it didn’t soon as I stopped taking this pill the bleeding stopped. I also noticed my appetite has decreased which isn’t a bad thing, but that could also be that the combined pill i was on before had increased my appetite and this is my normal appetite - hard to know.

Lowdown user
25 years old
18. Jan. 22

It was OK (was on it for 4 years with 2 6 month breaks) but I definitely gained weight and experienced PMS emotional symptoms when I didn’t before. Also caused my vagina to get considerably drier. I had tender breasts for at least 2, sometimes 3 weeks of the month which was very annoying, but they did get a little bigger too. No other side effects than that, I think I didn’t try any alternatives because I didn’t know the difference. The long crossover period after missing it was what attracted me as I have forgotten a couple of times.