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1. Okt. 22

I've had Kyleena inserted a month ago, 4 days into my period, and so far this is my experience. First, about me and my experience with hormonal contraceptives. I have tried about 4 different brands of COCs, and the Nuvaring. All of them killed my sex drive (general interest in sex disappeared, and I found it harder to get turned on with physical touch, and to orgasm), gave me a degree of emotional instability (I already suffer from that and they made it worse), plus periods of very low mood (no interest in anything). They all made my periods regular, lighter and less painful. None affected my weight, skin (I have clear skin to start with) or gave me long-term spotting (maybe first month, then that's it). I normally have very painful, heavy periods with little to no clots. This is my first try with a progesterone-only contraceptive. Insertion: I was very happy with the doctor and nurse I got, everything was explained to me, and I was assured that if I'm not happy with my coil I can get it removed at any time. I was offered a topical anaesthetic or anaesthetic injection to the cervix - I have a pretty low pain tolerance so I asked for the latter. I did not feel the injection. I did not feel the tenaculum grasping the cervix. I felt moderate but short-lived cramping when the probe was inserted to measure the length, and pretty severe cramping when the IUS was inserted. The entire experience lasted less than 2 mins. The cramping went from severe to moderate in seconds, but I was cramping and spotting for the rest of the day. Pain and spotting: I had moderate to severe cramping for shortish bouts (5 - 15mins) almost every day in the following 3 weeks, I took paracetamol (which didn't do much but I avoid ibuprofen due to stomach issues) and used a heating pad when I could. The spotting continued but was usually very minor, ie not even a pantyliner was needed. The string: I personally can't feel the string easily but my cervix is also hard to reach in general. The string is not intrusive or sharp and can otherwise be felt easily. Period: I got my period exactly 3 weeks after insertion. It was still painful, but I used less pain relief than I normally do. It was significantly lighter and no clots. I didn't have any PMS - I normally get tearful and have sore breasts before. Mood: I have been recording my moods on an app, and I daresay overall they have improved from before the coil. I've had a couple of bad days but all were linked to upsetting events (a bad interaction at work, argument with partner etc) so honestly I feel calmer and less volatile overall. Sex drive: I feel this has also improved for me - I have more spontaneous desire, my body responds better to physical touch and haven't had a change in orgasm. I do get a bit of cramping after orgasm though (not too bad). Weight: currently losing weight through diet, and this coil has not affected this at all. My appetite is the same. Skin: no changes. Bottom line: Kyleena has improved my mood and my sex drive, but caused daily cramping that is sometimes quite painful. This is my first month, so I will review again in a few months. Overall, I am very optimistic about my experience and I'm glad I got this coil.