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23 years old
3 weeks ago

I went on it to stop my really painful periods and to manage an ovarian cyst that I’ve been having for a while. It did stop my periods and made my cyst shrink a little, which was great, however I would still get random, really horrible cramps on the side where my cyst is at least once a month, without bleeding or any apparent reason. This has become better since going off depo. I also had some spotting while being on it, but didn’t mind that too much, and vaginal dryness. It also pretty much completely decreased my libido, which was not great, but this has become better since going off it. The biggest side effect, however, was that about a month into my first injection I started to feel a lot more anxious, which increased over the next months, and it got really really bad. I had intrusive thoughts, started to question my relationship, and got terrible anxiety attacks. I genuinely felt like I was going crazy. I ultimately stopped Depo because of this. My anxiety has gotten better since stopping, and with the help of a therapist, but it’s a slow journey. So overall, I loved that it stopped my periods but the side effects are really, really not worth it for me.