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26 years old
21. Apr. 22

I decided to go for an IUS after struggling with low moods, anxiety and depression in both the combined and minipill for years. Initially I was a bit put off by horror stories of insertion but I decided to go to my local sexual health clinic instead of my GP to have it inserted and it was the best decision! My doctor was very knowledgeable and gentle, she managed to insert it within a few mins with minimal pain! I was offered pain relief however, since this only helps with the initial pain for stabilising the uterus and not the cramping I told them to just get it over with quickly so continued without it. I felt the initial pinch of the tweezers and then 2 big cramps (one when they measured and one when they inserted). My doctor and nurse both talked me through it and the cramps just felt like bad period cramps. I got a little nauseous when it was first inserted and on the car ride home but other than that it was absolutely fine! No horror stories here. I felt cramping for roughly 12hrs after but nothing feminax can’t fix. After that I got a period that lasted the usual 4-5 days and have been completely fine since. It’s still early days but I’m already feeling more myself and my acne is starting to clear! Make sure you research and find a good clinic and you’ll be fine!

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26 years old
28. Feb. 22

Don’t let the bad reviews stop you from trying this! Before I switched I was on the combined pill (Levest) and I was having such horrible anxiety attacks, low moods and low sex drive. My doctor recommended the mini pill and after reading all the reviews I thought myself into a pit of despair! I also suffer from hormonal acne and was breaking out on the combined pill so I was sure I was going to turn into a spotty mess on Cerazette but because of my low mental state I was willing to try it. I’m now at the end of my first strip and I’m feeling much better mentally. That mental fog and lowness has gone, I feel much more myself and even have a little bit of my sex drive back! I’m not gonna give it 5 stars because I did notice a slight increase in breakouts but as someone who has experienced full blown acne before, this is not that. It’s just an increase in spots that can be treated with topical products and a good vitamin. I also bled for a week when first starting but my periods have now stopped. I would really take the other reviews with a pinch of salt as I thought this would be awful and I actually ended up feeling much better on it!