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Lowdown user
24 years old
6 days ago

Honestly I have been pleasantly surprised with Lucette. I have been using Lucette for what feels like years now. I was originally on Microgynon and at my first check up with my doctor, I mentioned that is was really affecting my mood. I was then put on Lucette which I can honestly say has positively affected my mood - feels like it anyway. I am happier and less moody/ angry than on the precious pill. I could just feel the anger In me with the last pill but it all melted away pretty quickly after changing. That being said - I fully believe this pill has killed my sex drive. I am just not interested in it at all. I also think Lucette has affected my appetite. I feel hungry 24/7 and have definitely snacked ALOT more than before. I have gained about 4 stone since starting this pill. I have tried almost every form of diet/ exercise/ lifestyle change and I have seen no results. I fully blame the pill as I read it stores fat differently. I am looking to come off the pill purely to see if it will affect my weight at all. It has been great other than that though .. on the plus I’ve got great boobs now 🤣. If it wasn’t for the massive weight gain, I would definitely stay on.