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20 years old
1 month ago

I've had the nexplanon implant for almost four years, however I just got it removed today. I was 15 when I got my first implant and I think at the time was a bit young to compare the before to after, however I bled constantly (most spotting but intermittently heavier) for about 6 months after insertion. My periods are really irregular; sometimes they don't come for months and are lighter, sometimes I bleed for 2+ weeks. Over time, my periods did level out a bit. I quite liked having lighter/irregular periods so it was a shame that they came back heavier and more frequently. I strugglele with depression, anxiety and OCD and I believe nexplanon exacerbates this: becoming very stuck in extremely frequent bad moods. I haven't been off the hormones long enough to give a comparison post-hormones, however I hope that life will become lighter and happier. I just want my body back! When I first got the implant, it was more my boyfriend at the time's decision than mine, so I feel very happy to reclaim my natural body. I'm getting the copper IUD inserted in a month as I am done with hormonal birth control.