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22 years old
5. Apr. 22

Had to take after a condom issue (whoopsie) while waiting to get an appointment for a coil fitting. Was concerned about all the side effects I’d read online but was really relieved that I didn’t experience any and was simple to take. Does the job (I’m not pregnant) but very, very expensive from local pharmacist. I wasn’t offered a range of the options available and in future will be ordering from the lowdown if needed again

Lowdown user
22 years old
28. Dez. 21

Originally started taking as I had been taken off the patch due to doctors realising I’d had a migraine 10 years recently, and thought it would be more convenient than going into the doctors for depo. Since starting it I have noticed massive mood swings and probably cry about 3 times a day - my boyfriend also told me he had noticed I wasn’t my usual self. Breaking point was when I nearly failed a practical exam after a simulated patient told me about his dead fake wife and I started crying in the exam. Had very irregular periods and spotting - had light constant bleeding for nearly two months. Also seems to be unavailable everywhere currently - tried pharmacists and 2 online pharmacies but was told it wouldn’t be available until after my next injection was due and was offered depo at my local GP but was unable to attend the appointment due to covid - part of the reason I am stopping but mainly due the effects it had on my mood. When I had my first injection the nurse told me it may take up to 6 months for the spotting to stop but I’m not having another injection to find out