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26 years old
29. Jan. 22

I’ve previously been on the mini pill and the implant both of which I found effected my moods quite a lot. I came off them in the hope that my periods would be less traumatic than they were as a teenager, after about a year and a half without any contraception my periods were back to making me throw up and nearly faint. So after talking to my doctor we came to the conclusion that the marina coil might be best for me as it is a far lower dose of hormone and is known to slow down/stop periods. Insertion was uncomfortable but not anyway as agonising as I had heard. The first couple of days after insertion were a bit rough but nothing like as bad as my period so decided to hang in there and see how I went. Skip forward to my next period and I cannot recommend the coil more it was staggering to me that I was having a period I’m not really any other side-effects I can actually go about my day! I get the odd cramp now and then but nothing desperate at all the cramps very much coincide with any spotting I’ve had. If you’re worried about the insertion my advice would be to be firm with your doctor before and hopefully they should be as good as mine were and layout all the options available to me, in terms of both other options of contraception and available pain relief/anaesthetic for the insertion procedure. overall I would absolutely recommend this to anyone who has periods that are miserable!