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33 years old
1 month ago

I have had Kyleena for 6 months now. I will be getting it removed next week. Insertion wasn't too awfully bad, but I have had two children. For someone who has not had children, it's likely to be painful for you, but a very quick process. The main reason I am getting removed is I have gained 15 lbs. since insertion with no changes to my diet. I believe it is mainly water weight and not fat, but I am short and this is unhealthy for me as I am already slightly overweight for my height. I have also noticed an increase in oil production in my skin and hair. I had awful acne the first few months, but it did subside with acne treatment. I have noticed that my hair is thinning as well. I was diagnosed with PMDD last year and I feel like Kyleena has intensified my symptoms leading up to when I would have a period. I don't bleed every month on Kyleena which is nice, but still experiencing PMDD symptoms. I will be going back on hormonal birth control in conjunction with my antidepressant that I am taking to treat my PMDD. I really did have high hopes for Kyleena as it is low maintenance and a low dose of hormones, but it is just not a fit for my body. Every body is different, so what may not work for one, may work for you!