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28 years old
2 weeks ago

After randomly having issues with the copper coil (after 5 successful years) and reluctantly having to go back on hormonal contraception I was dreading it but this pill is far better than any other mini-pills I've tried. I was able to compare the effects to my hormone-free self thanks to my time with the coil and in comparison to earlier pills/minipills in my late teens, I honestly feel like the side effects are far less. The main side effects that make me consider coming off it are increased in thrush outbreaks, cold sore outbreaks (both were very rare for me before I went on this pill) and low mood/angry moods. The main side effect I don't mind but encounter a lot is nausea. It's in comparison to other pills I've tried (A LOT) that I'm willing to accept the above side effects. I'll take a bit of low mood over whole-body acne, sky high blood pressure and heart conditions any day! (For context I'm not allowed on the combined pill again after I had blackouts and ended up with a heart condition after being on Cilest so my options are very limited. The copper IUD gave me a great 5 years but refuses to stay in place now (3 failed attempts with a new coil and not sure I can handle another) so it seems the mini pill is my only option!)