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29 years old
22. Jan. 22

I used a pill with the lowest hormones available, but I hated taking it because it as difficult to take at the exact same time every day and I felt that it was having some side effects on my mood/weight. I only started taking the pill because I was unaware of other options available to me and had heard anecdotally that IUDs were painful. However, I switched to a hormonal IUD (Mirena) about 6 years ago and have had a much more positive experience. I initially switched when Trump got elected because I was worried about what his administration would do to women's healthcare access, and an IUD seemed like the best, most permanent option available to me. It was not as painful as I thought to have inserted (but everyone is different!) and I still get my periods every month, which I don't mind. It has not impacted my mood/weight the same way that the pill did.