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36 years old
15. Nov. 21

This review is not only about Ballerine, but also about Gynefix and shaped IUD (as I used all of them and can compare). In the past, I used Gynefix copper IUD twice, for 5 years each. This frameless IUD is tiny and I was a happy user. However, this year, when it was time to get my 3rd, I could not find a doctor in the UK, who could insert it. So after much hesitation, I decided to give an old-fashioned t-shaped copper IUD a chance. It was a nightmare. After the insertion, I spent 3 weeks in a constant state of discomfort and low-to-moderate pain. When my first period after insertion had started, discomfort turned into excruciating pain. I could only lie in bed, crying from pain. The experience was very different from Gynefix, which never caused me any troubles. I booked a removal appointment and got the thing out as soon as I could. I also took a couple of days off after the removal, just to recover from the painful ordeal. I found about Ballerine (a ball-shaped copper IUD) from a random web search. It is not available on NHS and I found only one doctor who installs this IUD privately in London, UK. So I gave it a chance and so far, my experience is great. I felt discomfort - low pain in the first 2-3 days after the insertion, but after this, it is absolutely unnoticeable. So if you cannot bear a t-shaped IUD, it does not mean that any IUD is not for you. The shape and size make a huge difference. At least it defiantly did for me.