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26 years old
6. Okt. 22

It’s the best contraception I’ve ever been on I’m glad it’s hormone free because my body couldn’t handle the hormones in the pill it was just making me feel moody and anxious all the time this method of contraception is ideal for me because if I was to take a pill daily I would totally forget I forget this Coil is in my body it has improved my sex drive I’m more wet during sexual intercourse and plus I’ve had unprotected sex a lot and never had any pregnancy scares so it does it’s job at preventing you from getting pregnant it gives me piece of mind for 5 years it’s way better than the pill and the implant because them made me moody and depressed all the time this method being hormone free is the best for my body I like to have a natural period every month it puts me at ease I’m so happy with this contraception when I get it replaced in 4 years time I’m definitely having another one inserted because I would rather be safe and not have to worry about getting pregnant for 5 years I would highly recommend my periods have always been heavier so I wasn’t really worried when I had this coil overall a good experience and I do check to see if the strings are still in place at the end of my period and I can still feel them so I know it’s still in the same correct position and place