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26. Apr. 22

I started using this after some bleeding and mood issues on the combined pill and the minipill. Insertion was WAY better than I anticipated- it was quite painful but totally bearable but I did get quite dizzy, lethargic and crampy once the nervous adrenaline wore off. I had breakthrough bleeding for a month afterwards and only spotted now and again and my periods eventually stopped after about 9 months. Unfortunately, the coil has really wrecked my sex life: I have to have very very gentle sex otherwise I bleed and cramp the next day as if I'm having a nasty period. Had an ultrasound to check it hadn't displaced but all was fine and the doctor said that this is something that just happens for some people with the coil. I have lowered libido (could be because I'm worried about pain and bleeding afterwards but I'm not sure). My skin has also become a little more prone to breakouts but this may just be my skin type that was previously masked by the combined pill. Overall I'm very disappointed and will be switching to non-hormonal asap!