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I'm in peri and have unmanaged PMDD so I'm seeking relief from that. I tried Drovelis because in studies the estrogen showed less of an effect on the receptors in the breasts tissue compared to traditional EE estrogen. I can't tolerate hormonal BC because my breasts react so extremely to the estrogen. Unfortunately this pill caused the same issue. I had to buy a new bra cup size while on it and was in constant pain. I'm sharing my experience incase anyone else out there has these same sensitive breast issues and is looking for a pill. My other symptoms included fatigue that lasted throughout the day (I took it at bedtime) and weight gain in my midsection from water retention. I did not have increased appetite or decreased libido. My mood and sleep were unaffected.

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Used for 1 - 3 months

Verified review  •  22nd Dec 22

I tried Qlaira because it has a reputation of being better tolerated by hormone sensitive women like myself. I have PMDD that is now worsened by perimenopause. This was the best pill I have tried so far but still intolerable. I had to stop bc of breast pain,swelling,heaviness that didn't settled down after 2 packs (enlargement and pain was too life disruptive to make it through 3 packs). I went from a large C to a full D borderline DD and stuffed my bra with ice packs for minimal relief . Other than that, I didn't have weight gain in any other part of my athletic body (typically BCP means an instant low belly pooch and moon face for me despite being fit with a prestine diet) I experienced a better steady mood and my libido remained high. I had heart palpations that started 2 weeks into the first pack that went away when I stopped taking it (reported to doctor). I did not experience hair shedding after I stopped taking it which was great because every other pill I have taken causes hair shedding when I stop regardless of how long I took it. My breasts went back down to their normal size. Such a shame about the breast enlargement, otherwise it would have been the perfect pill!!!