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28 years old
3. Juni 22

I've had less side effects then the progesterone only pill. Fitting was painless and so much easier than the coil. Much easier and stress free not have to remember a pill.

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28 years old
26. Nov. 21

Fitting painful but bearable, during period so a lot of blood. Experienced intense cramps and stabbing pain in lower right hand side of tummy for 3 days. First call to drs dismissed my symptoms and said it was normal. 2 weeks after insertion treated for bladder infection. Stabbing pain present three weeks later, couldn't get a hospital scan, after three exams I had to have it taken out, now on a 14 day course of antibiotics due to pelvic infection. Removal hurt but was quick and 3 times easier due to only one dilation of the cervix as it is pulled out. Pain instantly went after removal, just mild cramps and spotting due to removal.

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28 years old
7. Nov. 21

Accessable and easy to take. Been on it for over a year. Stopped due to low mood, low sex drive, bloating, weight gain and breast cancer risk. Changed to copper coil. Only a few days off pill and feeling a bit happier.