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30. Aug. 22

I thought I'd wait a while before submitting my review on the Kyleena so I could give a more well rounded account. I got it fitted in October of 2021 and I am so happy I did. The insertion was definitely not enjoyable however I didn't find it nearly as bad as I thought I would judging by other people's accounts; when I arrived the doctor measured me to work out which coil would fit best and settled on the Kyleena as it's a bit smaller. Getting it put in was definitely quite painful but it was bearable and didn't last too long. For the rest of the day I had quite bad cramps but after that there were no other issues. Since having it in there has been a bit of a change in my periods, they are now pretty irregular, probably come every 2-3 months,they're really light and only last for about 4 days. I've also noticed an increase in cramps (however when I was on the pill before this I never experienced cramps so this might be a side effect of coming off of them). Overall the fact that I never have to worry about contraception has been amazing for me. There's no stressing about whether I've taken my pill or having to rush to the pharmacy to get a new pack and once I got used to having the irregular periods there really aren't any downsides. Would definitely recommend if you want a contraception you don't have to think about.