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21 years old
3. Jan. 22

I have been on this pill for just over 3 months now after being on a mini pill and it has been amazing. I haven't had a period (when I had 2 week-long ones before) or spotting yet, a cramp here and there but aside from that no side effects. My skin is looking good that could be an effect of my skincare routine. This is the best contraceptive I have been on so far, and I've tried a lot.

Lowdown user
21 years old
18. Okt. 21

I did really like this pill; I hardly experienced any symptoms so in terms of that it's been the best I've used. However, my periods were really irregular and long (~2 weeks) and I just got a bit fed up of having to deal with it. If you don't mind periods, then I would recommend but it was just a bit disruptive for me