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28. Jan. 22

I had to have my 2nd implant removed after the 2nd year as I started to get heavy irregular periods. The gynae doctor at the hospital recommended trying the combined pill. I work for the ambulance service, and I work all sorts of shifts. Using contraception where I have to take it everyday, at the same time, is not a very easy option for me. Instead I spoke to my colleagues and they recommended the patch. Normally when you use the patch, you're supposed to use it for 3 weeks and then have a week off to have a bleed, like the pill. When the GP prescribed the patch, he told me to use it non-stop to hopefully combat the heavy irregular bleeding. Initially it was wonderful. No bleeding at all, and just a couple of spots where the patch had been. I wore it on the outside of my upper thigh and swapped sides each week. After 2.5 months of taking it continously, I started bleeding again, very lightly. When I next spoke to my gynae doctor, she said that if you are using the patch continously, then you should have 1 week of no patch every 2 months, then back on for another 2 months. She said that if you wear the patch continously, that you will end up bleeding regardless after 2-3 months, and the way to combat this is the 2 month technique described above. Obviously, don't take this advice as right for you, speak to your doctor. But I felt it was good to make people aware of this, as I had no idea, and clearly neither did the person who prescribed the patch for me. Overall, I would 100% recommend the patch. I love it. It suits me very well. I've not had any side effects from it. You can stick it wherever suits you. It's flexible. You don't have to remember it every day. I would recommend trying it, and see if it works for you.