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20 years old
2 weeks ago

I went on the Cerazette mini pill after 6 months on the combined pill, which o had to stop due to migraines with aura. The migraines completely stopped with this pill (I was getting them fortnightly, now I’ve had one in 18 months). I first went on the pill to control my very painful periods - I was having intense back pain, leg pain, ovulation pain… you name it I had it! (Likely endometriosis). Cerazette has been life changing in that respect, allowing me to not have to live my life according to where in my cycle I am. The only downside is breakthrough bleeding - like a mini period that occurs randomly, a bit heavier than spotting but not as bad as a period (and nowhere near as painful). That’s why I give it 4 and not 5. I haven’t noticed any weight gain other than what would be normal going from age 17-20! My skin and moods have improved. Have a bit of anxiety anyway but not correlated to pill. You do have to make sure to take it at same time every day, if I’m a few hours late it triggers a breakthrough bleed. I hear so much hate on the pill but this pill has suited me. Really depends on the individual.