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30 years old
2 weeks ago

Overall I've not noticed any changes to my mood, weight, skin etc. I don't know how I feel about the hormonal side of things and I'm uncomfortable knowing it's working against my natural cycle and body in general but I just don't feel like any other contraceptive fits my needs and lifestyle. It's very depressing to think that something that is the best of a bad bunch is all we have available. Insertion was awful, but I think that was my nurses fault as it felt like it was just another one to her whereas it was a big deal to me. More care needs to be taken by the people who inset them and remind them that we are not a conveyer belt and products, but people who are already largely uncomfortable with the situation and process. I hated the pill, I don't want to have to insert things in and out of me frequently and can't rely on monitoring my periods/cycle. Praying for the day we are given much better options and more research into our bodies and safe contraception. So in summary, it's good. But it's not great.