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24. Okt. 22

I took this pill for roughly a year, after I was told the mini-pill I'd been on previously (Cerelle) was not available at my local sexual health clinic. I'd also had an 8 month break in taking any pill due to lack of supply/need during lockdown. Although Desogestrel supposedly contains exactly the same kind/dose of hormone as Cerelle, I had a very different experience on it. The first 6 months were fine for me mood-wise, and my periods became lighter and more irregular but nothing drastic. Around the 7 month mark I realised I had lost a considerable amount of weight and this worried me a bit - due to covid restrictions at my GP however I never got an appointment to check this out. I got increasingly bothered by the irregular periods (naturally mine are like clockwork) & they were usually not even proper blood but a dark brown coloured discharge I'd never experienced before. To add to this I also suffered from vaginal dryness and a lower sex drive after about 7 months too. Around the time I was returning to uni to study a master's (10 months in) I started to feel extremely anxious and have really low moods quite regularly; despite this being more of an external factor, with all the other side effects I decided it was time to give my body a break at the 12month mark.