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28. Jan. 22

I was on the mini pill Cerelle for 6 weeks and out of 5 weeks I was bleeding heavily for 4 and a half weeks. I booked a consultation and the doctor called me up and we went through a lot of questions. She really tried to understand my body and see what could work much better as it clearly was the wrong contraception for me. She prescribed Gedarel 30/150 as she was certain I need combined pill due to the heavily periods and the bleeding from the mini pill. It’s been 12 days(nearly 2 weeks) I have started the combined pill and I am so happy I did that. I have stopped bleeding, my sex drive is back on top again and feeling so much better. The first 3-4 days of taking the pill was a b it hard as I was switching the hormones and my body was trying to cope. I have started taking the pill in the morning causing stomach aches. I was suggested to take the pill with food such as banana, yogurt or toast. It did wonders. Really helped the burning tummy. I have very very little cramps once a day but it all started to go away. I also had leg cramps the first few days, but once again I took the doctors advice and used some creams and special high socks to avoid blood clots to develop. Overall I am very very happy so far. No mood swings, no bleeding, my sex drive is high that makes my partner and I happy. I made the right choice to speak to the doctor and find the right contraception. I suggest all woman should try different methods and honestly speak to their doctors if they feel like the current method is not working. First I was told by the first doctor to keep taking the mini pill and I knew it’s not okay to bleed this much. That’s why I got a second opinion and that doctor was phenomenal. Please do not let ANY doctor prescribe anything without truly asking questions and trying to understand you. Good luck ladies