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27 years old
9. Jan. 22

As someone who had constant problems on the pill I decided to give the coil a go. Insertion was very uncomfortable and painful, I didn't know at this point you could ask for numbing gels or anything like that. The first 6-8 months of being on the coil everything was great, but the longer I was on it the longer my periods became, from someone who would normally bleed for about 5 day before the coil I ended up having some months were I was bleeding for up to 9 day. I also noticed an increase of body hair, mainly on my face and after having my coil removed the hair has slowly started to disappear to. I found removal absolutely fine and not painful at all, and within one month of removal have had my period return back to normal, I also found a lack of sex drive. My experience wasn't all bad on the coil, I liked not having to worry about contraception the entire time and had reduced period pains, but overall would not use it again.