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26 years old
22. Dez. 21

Having struggled with pills for a while (main symptoms for me were acne and sore boobs) i used the Lowdown website to research different pills, and decided to order my first pill from here - Yasmin! I am impressed. I did get sore boobs at the start but absolutely nothing like the pain I had on other pills (the lizinna pill was absolute hell for me) on top of that my skin has improved and I no longer suffer from cystic acne - blame the mini pill for that. Sex drive was up at the start of this pill but slowly decreased although I believe this may be due to other medication I was on at the time. Ready to take my week break and I’ve ordered another 3 months worth. I’d say this pill is worth a try!

Lowdown user
26 years old
21. Okt. 21

Having previously been on the mini-pill Cerazette for a few years I was having a continuous issue with cystic acne. After topical creams and antibiotics not working I decided to change pill and I was prescribed Lizzinna. At first, my skin did start to clear up and my acne was nothing like it was before but the breast pain/enlargement that came with it was just unbareable. I’ve stuck at this pill for 2 months now hoping this side effect would wear off but it’s still agony just to take my bra off at the end of the day. Im also really really struggling to lose any weight and my weight has actually gone up since I started this pill, even though I’ve been eating well and exercising regularly. With any other pill I’ve been on, losing weight was never an issue so I don’t think this is a coincidence. My skin is not as clear as it was when I first started this one either so looking for other recommendations now.