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25 years old
13. Jan. 22

I had the Kyleena coil fitted almost 4 years ago and have been very happy with my experience overall. Fitting was quite uncomfortable and I did suffer from cramping immediately afterwards but this subsided after 24 hours. Having previously tried two different combined pills which both made me gain weight and enlarged my breasts, once I had the Kyleena fitted I lost weight without trying and noticed a reduction in my appetite which I have seen as a good thing. My boobs shrunk too. My period has become really light and quite erratic but never went completely. I get really tender breasts and some cramping approximately 2 weeks-10days before bleeds which tend to happen monthly. I experienced painful cystic acne on my chin in the first few months after having the Kyleena fitted, but this has gone now. I feel much more like ‘myself’ with the coil compared to the pill which caused me to have really low moods. Overall I would recommend the Kyleena and plan to have another IUS fitted when the time comes!