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35 years old
3. Juli 22

I got the Levosert coil fitted in April 2022 within 3 weeks I had removed it. I wish I had never got it fitted and gone with my gut instinct, which was to get the non-hormal coil or just stuck with taking the pill. As I approached my first period after having the coil fitted, I; 1. Became super emotional, 2. Couldn't stop crying, 3. Felt depressed and didn't want to get out of bed, 4. Was anxious, 5. Felt extremely nervous, 6. My breasts were really tender, 7. I felt dizzy at times, 8. I had a lot more discharge then before 9. Overall just felt like I was going through a mental health crisis. While l sometimes get emotional leading up to my period, this is something that I had never experienced before. I started questioning whether I wanted children and if I could cope with pregnancy and the hormonal changes I would go through, something I never questioned before. I wasn't coping with my hormones with the coil fitted, so how could I possibly manage through pregnancy. The only pros, I can report is that my period was a lot lighter then normal, but lasted longer, and I no longer had to remembering to take a pill daily, not really worth the cons in my opinion. I started reading up more about the side effects of the coil, and read stories of women who had kept it in for months, who's doctors had told them that it takes time to settle, I wasn't prepared to wait for it to settle, the thought of going through these kinds of emotions every month for 3 - 6 months before it settled was not an option for me. The side affects I experienced, apparently affect 1 in 10 women, I never thought I would be that 1 in 10. I have now gone back on the pill on approaching what should have been my next period; I missed a period as I wanted a break from bleeding; I bled for 7 days after the coil was fitted and 7 days after it was removed (I also had a period between that time). On approach what should been my next period I did't feel, no where near as emotional as I did when the coil was fitted. I was so happy that I got it removed. I am now approaching what should be my 2nd period after getting the coil removed and I have again been quite emotional this past week, this is hard to deal with as I have never experienced this level of emotional up and down before being on the coil. My advice is think long and hard before taking any kind of contraception, our bodies are different and go through changes over the years so what may have worked previously may not work now, swapping between contraception may also effect your hormones. There is just not enough research on the link between depression, anxiety etc and hormonal contraception, so please be aware of these possible effects. Ladies only you know your body, if the coil doesn't feel right please get it removed, don't suffer in silence or suffer for the sake of contraception, its really not worth it.