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Yaz pill ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ - Combined Pill

I used this pill after trying Yasmin and having some of the oestrogen side effects mainly water retention, so I was switched to this and it was much better in that I didn't have the water retention. I used this pill for a long time until I moved to the UK where it is unavailable, but I found this pill very good with no bothersome side effects. I was a bit irregular at taking it in that I would skip the break for few months here and there so I had issues with spotting and breakthrough bleeding. When I spoke to the GP about it she said to either take it with continuously, or with a break every month or every 3 months rather than randomly after packets, so once I started to have a regular pattern of 3 monthly breaks the spotting stopped. It improved my skin, I had decreased body hair and could go much longer without waxing which were the main benefits being an anti-androgenic pill and I liked the packaging and stickers for the days. Also, placebo pills rather than just no pills for the pill break made it so much easier to not forget to restart it, and the shorter 4 day gap was much better than the 7 day one for me in terms of having shorter bleeds. I liked this pill most for the significant improvement in my skin, no weight gain (important for me as that it a dealbreaker), no bothersome side effects and less worry with the lower oestrogen dose. I recommend this pill to any acne sufferers out there.

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3 - 5 years

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ย Vaginal discharge
ย Vaginal dryness
Experience coming off Yaz pill ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

After stopping it,I noticed that I gained a bit of weight despite eating and exercising the same, and also started to breakout like my teenage years so I was quick to go to the GP in the UK to get a similar pill (Eloine), so I can't say how long it would have taken for my periods to restart afterwards. I don't know if this pill made me lose weight, but it certainly did not make me gain any and it was also a big factor in keeping my skin breakout free. I did not have any changes in my blood pressure. Overall one of the good pills I tried so far and would go back to if I could.

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Body hair increase