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20th May 22
Rigevidon pill - Combined Pill

I took this pill from the age of 15-23 for prevention of heavy, painful and irregular periods. I had light and regular withdrawal bleeds and only two occasions of breakthrough bleeding during those 8 years. It eased my acne and spots an incredible amount. The down sides - I developed OCD and depression soon after taking the pill & am now medicated for this. I gained 4 stone in weight and was recently diagnosed with borderline hypothyroidism, thought to be influenced by long-term pill use. My libido decreased massively and I would develop thrush monthly. Overall, it works well for regulating periods, but can have so many negative impacts, so it’s worth looking at others before settling with the pill! X

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Time used

5 - 8 years

Stopped using


Impact whilst using


Very negative



Sex drive



Gained weight



More regular

Other side effects whilst using
 Breast enlargement
 High blood pressure
 Sweating more than usual
Experience coming off Rigevidon pill

I’m a new person! I no longer need my antidepressants, I’ve lost weight and my libido has increased massively. The down side? I’ve become quite spotty, but only during ovulation and menstruation. It took a while to have a period after I stopped taking it (70 days!), but other than that I’m so glad to have come off the pill! X

Impact after using


Very positive


Got worse

Sex drive



Lost weight

Cycle return to normal

3 - 6 months

Other side effects after using
Lower back pain
Nausea or vomiting
Tender breasts
Vaginal discharge