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Millinette 30/75 pill - Combined Pill

This pill leveled out my mood so I didn't get as much pms. I took back to back for 3-6 months at a time, after about 6 months I would start to feel stressed/anxious and would need a break. On my break I would bleed heavily for several days on day 4, even though I started the pill again I still had the desire to have sex, though it wasn't as intense and it did not vary across the month. My main issue was vaginal dryness which was so bad that lube didn't help and sex became painful particularly when I was stressed. The effect increased over the course of being on the pill and was not consistent, but went away once I stopped it

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Time used

12 - 18 months

Stopped using


Impact whilst using


Somewhat positive



Sex drive

No change


Don't know



Other side effects whilst using
 Vaginal dryness
 Breast enlargement
 Hair loss
 Tender breasts
Experience coming off Millinette 30/75 pill

It took about two months for my period to return, and my moods were quite up and down during that time. It also took that long for my discharge to return to its normal cycle, and for my natural lubrication during sex to return. After my first period, it all seemed to resettle

Impact after using


Somewhat negative


Got worse

Sex drive



Don't know

Cycle return to normal

2 months

Other side effects after using
Vaginal discharge
Hair loss
Period like cramps