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15th Nov 21
Microgynon 30 pill - Combined Pill

I started taking Microgynon when I was going through a difficult time in my life which meant it took longer than it usually would for me to realise the catastrophic effect it had on my mental health. I went from someone who is naturally very calm, resilient, and happy go lucky, to extremely angry and sad. I felt like I was constantly under an oppressive grey cloud. I was also constantly hungry, distractingly so, and gained a stone in weight within about two months. I had less periods because the pill enabled me to skip, however I had undiagnosed adenomyosis, so when I would have a period it was extremely painful.

7th Dec 21

Hi, I'm a science journalist and I'm writing an article about the mental health side effects of hormonal birth control. I would love to interview you about your experiences if you're interested in sharing! You can email me at saima_sidik@alum.mit.edu, and you can find some of my previous writing at saimamay.com.

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My doctor put me on Femodette (which I also didn't get on with, but it was much better) and within a week I felt a huge lift in my mood and felt more like myself. My appetite also went back to normal

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