Female condom Reviews


Female condom reviews


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Used for 6 - 12 months

Verified review  •  19th Jan 22

These condoms prevent me from getting UTIs, I can't have sex without them! I think it's because the part of the condom that sticks out covers my urethra and prevents bacteria from spreading. They're a little hard to use at first, and some brands are better than others, but I highly recommend them to everyone.

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Used for 1 - 3 months

Verified review  •  26th Apr 21

Tried it a couple times with different partners. Mixed reactions. I practiced inserting prior to anything, so it was easy, especially after a couple of tries. Sex felt no different for me and one of the partners. One didn't like the appearance and the other the feel. One thing I love is that it doesn't have that nasty latex smell! You can also use any lube. Overall, I think it is a great option for many people, but (like everything) you should try it a few times for yourself. Also great if you run into situations where the guy is resisting wearing a condom himself.

Lowdown user
Used for 1 - 3 months

Verified review  •  12th May 20

Used it once - it came off inside me within 5 minutes and I didn't realise so ended up having completely unprotected sex and having to get a STI test.

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