Does alcohol affect the pill?

Does alcohol affect the pill? | The Lowdown

If you love to pair a celebration with a drink or two, have you considered the effect of your favourite alcoholic tipple on your contraception? We spill the (Long Island iced) tea!

The pill and boobs

The pill and boobs | The Lowdown

One of the most common side effects The Lowdown users report for all contraception methods are tender and/or enlarged breasts. Get the lowdown on what the evidence says about boobs their relationship to hormonal contraception

Is your contraception making you tired?

woman with a duvet over her shoulders holding a coffee mug to her face

Life can be draining as it is, but a lesser known side effect listed on hormonal contraception includes tiredness. We take a bleary eyed look at the evidence behind this.

Acne returning when coming off the pill

Woman with Acne looking up

Hormonal contraception can come with a multitude of benefits, including clearer skin. However, this won’t be a permanent fixture in most of our lives, and where acne is concerned, this presents a problem: what happens when you stop taking the pill?

When to seek a medical review of your contraception from The Lowdown


The Lowdown offers a choice of 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months supply of contraception, which you can choose depending on your circumstances… whether you’re trying out a new method or brand for the first time or have been best friends with Microgynon for years, we’ve got you covered.