So you want to talk about… coming off the pill

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Despite more research being done than ever, our knowledge of the birth control pill is still lacking. Therefore, it’s no surprise that what happens when we come off the pill is even more unknown. Here, The Lowdown does its best to explain what could happen when you decide to come off the pill.

Sophie King

Sophie King - The Lowdown

Sophie is a Cardiff University- trained journalist who is passionate about sharing womens’ contraception stories in the hope that it will connect with others. You can find Sophie on Twitter. ​ Specialities: Content writing News reporting Qualifications: MA Magazine Journalism BA (Hons) Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies Experience: News Reporter, Money Saving Expert Senior Reporter, […]

Our most popular contraceptives: IUS v combination pill

can you get pregnant on the pill

Rated two of the most popular birth control methods by The Lowdown reviewers, it seems only fair that we bring you an informative piece comparing the IUS – or intrauterine system – and the combined pill. By doing so, we hope you grasp a better understanding on what might be the best one for you and your body.

Is Microgynon the right pill for you?

Microgynon pill packet

The combined pill Microgynon 30 and ED might be the GP’s first contraceptive choice for you, but is it yours? Here, we reveal how it works and its side effects.