The pill, panic attacks and anxiety

The pill, panic attacks and anxiety | The Lowdown

Experiencing anxiety and panic attacks can be unsettling, especially when they seem to come out of nowhere. Some people who use the contraceptive pill report feeling anxious or depressed – but is the pill actually responsible or could there be more going on?

Is your contraception making you tired?

woman with a duvet over her shoulders holding a coffee mug to her face

Life can be draining as it is, but a lesser known side effect listed on hormonal contraception includes tiredness. We take a bleary eyed look at the evidence behind this.

Menopause and contraception in your 40s and 50s

Red headed older woman laughing

What is the menopause? What is perimenopause? And what’s that got to do with contraception?! Get the lowdown on using hormonal contraception during your 40’s and 50’s, and how it could help you through this change.

Acne returning when coming off the pill

Woman with Acne looking up

Hormonal contraception can come with a multitude of benefits, including clearer skin. However, this won’t be a permanent fixture in most of our lives, and where acne is concerned, this presents a problem: what happens when you stop taking the pill?

Painful and heavy periods: could Mefenamic Acid be the answer?

mefenamic acid

If you suffer with intense, soul-destroying period pain or heavy periods and ibuprofen just doesn’t cut it; mefenamic acid might be the answer. Here’s the lowdown on the benefits and side effects of this anti-inflammatory drug before you try it.