Can I change the time I take my pill?

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Whether you’re off on holiday, starting a new routine or just want to spice up the monotony of life, you may be wondering, can I change the time I take my pill? Get the lowdown here on ‘safe windows’ and keeping yourself protected.

Choosing the best contraceptive pill for you

Assorted Pill Packs

A step by step guide to finding the contraceptive pill that could best work for you. Get the lowdown on symptoms and side effects including mood, skin, sex drive and headaches.

Everything you need to know – Progestogen-only pill (POP)

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What is the progesterone only pill?

The progestogen-only pill, aka progesterone only pill, POP or ‘mini pill’, is one of the most frequently reviewed methods at The Lowdown. Funnily enough, it only contains one hormone progestogen in it, unlike the combined pill which also contains oestrogen. It’s very commonly used and considered very safe for most women.