Can you use Microgynon as emergency contraception?

We’ve been there, that “oh no” moment when you suddenly realise you’ve missed a pill or accidentally (maybe despite your best intentions) had unprotected sex. As a medical student, I often heard the rumour that taking 3 tablets of your Microgynon pill would work just like an emergency morning after pill. But is this true, can you use Microgynon as emergency contraception and does it work?

Can I change the time I take my pill?

Blue pill packet on pink background

Whether you’re off on holiday, starting a new routine or just want to spice up the monotony of life, you may be wondering, can I change the time I take my pill? Get the lowdown here on ‘safe windows’ and keeping yourself protected.

Choosing the best contraceptive pill for you

Assorted Pill Packs

A step by step guide to finding the contraceptive pill that could best work for you. Get the lowdown on symptoms and side effects including mood, skin, sex drive and headaches.