Acne returning when coming off the pill

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Hormonal contraception can come with a multitude of benefits, including clearer skin. However, this won’t be a permanent fixture in most of our lives, and where acne is concerned, this presents a problem: what happens when you stop taking the pill?

Mary Hargreaves

Mary Hargreaves - The Lowdown

Mary Hargreaves is a writer and author with a passion for women’s reproductive health. She has a Masters in Clinical and Health Psychology, and has worked in scientific research across a range of disciplines. Specialities: Copywriting and editing Women’s health Fiction writing Qualifications: MS Clinical and Health Psychology BSc (Hons) Psychology Experience: Freelance Writer, The […]

Painful and heavy periods: could Mefenamic Acid be the answer?

Packet of mefenamic acid on a pink background

If you suffer with intense, soul-destroying period pain or heavy periods and ibuprofen just doesn’t cut it; mefenamic acid might be the answer. Here’s the lowdown on the benefits and side effects of this anti-inflammatory drug before you try it.

STIs Explained

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There’s no shame in contracting an STI, any sexually active person can get one! But it’s good to know the facts in order to look after your sexual health. We take a look at the most common STIs and the myths surrounding them, including symptoms, treatment and exactly how they can be passed on.