Contraception: Weight Gain and Loss

Can Contraception Cause Weight Gain or Loss? | The Lowdown

Does the pill make you gain weight? Can your contraception cause weight loss? Find out below in our guide to every method of contraception and its effect on weight.

The pill and boobs

The pill and boobs | The Lowdown

One of the most common side effects The Lowdown users report for all contraception methods are tender and/or enlarged breasts. Get the lowdown on what the evidence says about boobs their relationship to hormonal contraception

Can your contraceptive affect your mood?

hormonal contraception side effects mood

Most women experience fluctuations in their mood throughout the month; one week you’re feeling calm and in control, the next you’re crying over an episode of Antiques Roadshow (or maybe that’s just us).

The dos and don’ts of using lubricant

The dos and don'ts of using lubricant | The Lowdown

Lubricant can seem like a good idea for those who need or want to use it, but there are certain do’s and don’ts for using it safely. Here’s the lowdown…

Do I have thrush or an STI?

Do I have thrush or an STI? | The Lowdown

Sometimes it’s difficult to tell whether itchy symptoms down there are a sign of an STI or thrush. Here’s the lowdown on the differences between the two…

Contraception and cancer – what’s the risk?

Contraception and cancer | The Lowdown

Get the lowdown on different types of contraception and their risks for certain types of cancer. It’s something nobody likes to think about, but cancer can’t be ignored, and it’s important that we’re clued up about our individual risks.

Why you should use lubricant

Why you should use lubricant | The Lowdown

For those who haven’t tried it, using lubricants can have a number of benefits – including less painful sex and tackling vaginal dryness. Get the lowdown on the top reasons to use lube…

What are the causes of thrush?

What are the causes of thrush? | The Lowdown

If you are suffering or have suffered from vaginal thrush and aren’t sure what’s causing it – we’ve got you. Get the lowdown on why your bits won’t stop itching, and what you can do about it…