Does alcohol affect the pill?

Does alcohol affect the pill? | The Lowdown

If you love to pair a celebration with a drink or two, have you considered the effect of your favourite alcoholic tipple on your contraception? We spill the (Long Island iced) tea!

What are the causes of bacterial vaginosis?

What causes bacterial vaginosis? The Lowdown

Bacterial vaginosis can be unpleasant and embarrassing. But with the right treatment, it will soon be a distant memory. Get the lowdown on the causes and treatment of bacterial vaginosis to help prevent it returning.

The lowdown on menopause and anxiety

menopause and anxiety | The Lowdown

If you’re experiencing anxiety during the menopause, you’re not alone! Get the lowdown on the link between menopause & anxiety and the best ways to tackle it.

Should I worry about heavy periods?

Should I worry about heavy periods? | The Lowdown

Heavy periods can feel like a burden to deal with, but do you need to worry? Get the lowdown on the whats, whys and treatment how-tos of heavy periods.

Why are my breasts sore?

Why are my breasts sore | The Lowdown

Sore breasts can be due to a number of causes but is often not something to worry about. Let’s look at the reasons why you may have sore breasts…

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