Desogestrel is one of the hormones used in some brands of the combined contraceptive pill and used on its own in some brands of the progestogen-only pill.

A Guide to Drospirenone

Drospirenone is a synthetic progestin used alongside synthetic oestrogens in the combined pill.

Norethisterone Enanthate

Norethisterone enanthate flies solo; a synthetic progestin, it’s used on its own in the contraceptive injection called Noristerat.

Nomegestrol Acetate

Nomegestrol acetate is used in the combined pill alongside ethinyl estradiol, a synthetic oestrogen.


One of the most commonly-used progestogens in contraception, levonorgestrel is found in combined pills, progestogen-only/mini pills (POP), the hormonal coil (IUS) and the morning after pill.

A Guide to Androgens

You will sometimes hear about ‘progestogens’ or progestins’ (the man-made hormone (aka chemical messenger) they put into contraceptives) being described as ‘androgenic’ or ‘anti-androgenic’. But what exactly does this mean?

What is Natural Progesterone?

natural progesterone

You’ve most likely heard of progesterone when it’s discussed alongside oestrogen, as one of the two main female sex hormones that control your cycle.

An introduction to your hormones and menstrual cycle

In order to understand how contraception affects our bodies – we first need to make sure we understand how our bodies work naturally, without any contraception interfering with things. If you haven’t thought much about the hormones that control your menstrual cycle since ‘The Talk’ in Year 8, then read on.