How do I check my coil threads?

Feeling your coil threads is a really important way to check in with your coil. Find out when and how to find your threads in this user’s guide.

Our most popular contraceptives: IUS v combination pill

can you get pregnant on the pill

Rated two of the most popular birth control methods by The Lowdown reviewers, it seems only fair that we bring you an informative piece comparing the IUS – or intrauterine system – and the combined pill. By doing so, we hope you grasp a better understanding on what might be the best one for you and your body.

The Hormonal Coil – all your questions answered

Mirena Coil

The Hormonal coil (aka the intrauterine system or IUS) is women’s favourite method of contraception here at The Lowdown. The Hormonal coil (brands include Mirena, Levosert, Kyleena and Jaydess) tops our overall satisfaction ratings – with an average 3.5 out of 5.